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Occupational hearing loss includes acoustic traumatic injury and occupational noise related hearing disorders (ONRHD), and can be defined as a partial or complete hearing loss in one or both ear as the result of one employment. Exposure to excessive noise is the major avoidable cause permanent hearing impairment worldwide. Therefore, Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) have amend the noise exposure limit and imposed a more practical standard to control the exposure of excessive noise under the regulation of Occupational Safety and health (Noise Exposure) Regulation 2019 and this latest regulation is to replace Factories and Machinery (Noise Exposure) Regulation 1989 since June 2019.

FESLAB has own NRA Competence to conduct Noise Risk Assessment with following scope: 

- To conduct noise risk assessment by carrying out area noise monitoring and personal noise exposure monitoring by using approved instrument that comply with the standard determined by the international electrotechnical commission (IEC). 

- To tabulate, interpret and compare the area noise monitoring and personal noise exposure monitoring result with the noise exposure limit as stipulated under the under the “ Occupational Safety and health (Noise exposure) Regulation 2019”. 

- To assess and study the adequacy of the existing control measures available within the work place.

- To recommend the practicable noise reduction measures such as engineering control, alternative or design or process, administrative control, personal hearing protection and etc. 

- To recommend necessary programme to further reduce the risk of employees from noise induce hearing loss. 


Are you looking for a quality and effective noise risk assessment (NRA) service? Do you want to ensure that your workplace is safe and comfortable in terms of noise? Do you want to take care of your hearing health and your workers? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place!

We are a company that provides the best noise risk assessment (NRA) service in the market. We have extensive experience and expertise in the field of noise risk assessment (NRA) and we offer various noise risk assessment (NRA) service packages that suit your needs and budget.

Our noise risk assessment (NRA) service includes:

- Initial consultation to understand your objectives and needs regarding noise risk assessment (NRA).

- Inspection and assessment of your workplace to identify noise sources and noise levels faced by your workers.

- Measurement and sampling of noise using advanced and accurate equipment to obtain reliable and valid data.

- Analysis and interpretation of noise data to determine the health and safety risks associated with noise and to identify areas that require noise control measures.

- Preparation and delivery of a complete and detailed noise risk assessment (NRA) report that contains information such as:

    - Noise level and noise source in your workplace.

    - Health and safety risks caused by noise to your workers.

    - Suggestions and recommendations to reduce and control noise in your workplace.

    - Costs and benefits involved in implementing the suggestions and recommendations.

- Assistance and support in implementing our noise risk assessment (NRA) suggestions and recommendations, including:

    - Supply and installation of noise control devices such as noise absorbing materials, noise barriers, and noise covers.

    - Supply and use of hearing protection equipment (PPE) such as ear plugs, ear muffs, and electronic ear plugs.

    - Training and education of your workers on how to avoid and reduce exposure to noise and how to use hearing protection equipment (PPE) correctly and effectively.

    - Regular monitoring and evaluation of noise level and effectiveness of noise control devices and hearing protection equipment (PPE) used.

    - Improvement and adjustment of our noise risk assessment (NRA) service according to your needs and changes in your workplace.

By using our noise risk assessment (NRA) service, you can enjoy various benefits, such as:

- You can comply with the laws and regulations related to noise risk assessment (NRA) and noise in the workplace, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (OSHA 1994) and the Noise Risk Assessment (NRA) Guidelines of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

- You can improve the well-being and comfort of your workers by providing a workplace that is free or low from noise that is disturbing and harmful.

- You can reduce the risk of your workers experiencing hearing problems such as deafness, tinnitus, and communication disorders due to excessive and prolonged noise.

- You can improve the productivity and quality of your work by avoiding the disturbance, stress, and fatigue caused by unwanted noise.

- You can save costs and time by avoiding accidents, injuries, and claims related to noise in the workplace.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and get our noise risk assessment (NRA) service that is the best and cheapest in the market. We will give you an attractive quote and set a date to visit your workplace and conduct noise risk assessment (NRA) efficiently and professionally. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our noise risk assessment (NRA) service! Our noise risk assessment (NRA) service is the service you need to make your workplace a safe, comfortable, and healthy place in terms of noise. We are experts in the field of noise risk assessment (NRA) and we have an excellent track record in providing quality and effective noise risk assessment (NRA) services. Contact us today and book your noise risk assessment (NRA) service!

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